The Role Of A Public Adjuster In Fire And Water Damage Claims


A loss adjuster is appointed when there is a property insurance claim and this something that most people do not know. An insurance claim is made after a loss adjuster has given a report that is not partially on either side after carefully examining the property.  There are instances when the North Miami public adjuster can miss some details during the examination of the water or fire damage on the insured property.

If there is a feeling that a loss adjuster is not delivering the details of the damage on the insured property, a loss adjuster is contracted. This loss adjuster works fairly and impartially. Claims made on the damages caused by water or fire is the responsibility of the insurance claim after the findings made by a loss adjuster.  A public loss assessor is expected by the public to deliver a result that is fair to all who are concerned the insurance alleged claim.

They work in a way that if your home is affected and damaged by floods or fires will assess the property and make sure that the damage is factored in, this will cause your insurer to pay out fairly to close the claim made. All the Plantation fire damage must be captured in the first survey by the loss assessor, these damages are also in the damage report that will be given to the insurance company. No further costs are incurred if the insurance claim is furnished with all the requirements that are needed.

A loss adjuster will firmly instruct the contractors charged with the responsibility of restoring your property to its standard level ensuring that there are no upcoming cases caused by the extent of the water damage like damp surfaces.  There could be varied connections between the recurring problems on a wall that has just been damaged by water effects and an older existing problem.

A professional loss adjuster knows that it is his responsibility to report all damage signs to your insurer and can also influence the insurance claim’s results and also make sure that all parties involved are fairly assessed i.e. the policy holder and the insurance company. Loss adjusters are to be regulated by the North Miami Public adjuster so that in times of need the public can receive reliable services.

It is vital that they remain transparent when processing the claim and updating the client with any decisions that could be reached at and a general involvement so that nobody feels like they are being left out.